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Closing the Loop for Interactive Architecture: Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and Wearables

prof. Dr. Henri Hubertus Achten

Interactive architecture occurs in buildings when part of the building engages in exchange of information with the user, in such a way that the interactive system adjusts it's assumptions about the user's needs and desires. Acquiring the user's needs and desires is no trivial task. Currently there are no techniques that will reliably make such assertions. Building a system that unobtrusively monitors the inhabitant seems to be a tall order, and making the system ask the user all the time is very distracting for the user. An alternative option has become available however: personal wearables are increasingly monitoring the user. Therefore it suffices that the interactive system of the building gets in touch with those wearables, rather than duplicating the sensing function of the wearables. The enabling technology for wearables is Internet of Things, which connects physical objects (smart objects) on a virtual level, and Cloud Computing, which provides a scalable storage environment for wearables and smart objects. In this paper we outline the implications of the convergence of these three technologies in the light of interactive architecture.

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