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Future scenario for a collaborative design session

prof. Dr. Henri Hubertus Achten

A collaborative design project consists of a team of design partners who are engaged during the period of the project in a particular design task. The group forms a short-lived community with the goal to create a design. The environment in which this is done today, consists of the participants office spaces, completed with equipment such as drawing tables, coffee machines, fax machines, CAD stations, etc. None of these elements reflect the existence of the (temporary) community that a design partner participates in. In this workshop paper we propose that the current two-dimensional desktop metaphor in a computer does not adequately support collaborative design. The typical 2D-desktop multiple open windows with different applications gives a fractured view of the design project in which by contrast the designer as a person conceives of himself as a whole. Moreover, the sense of place, or a consistent identity in which the design takes place is also lacking. The notion of „virtual environments“ can assist in further developing design support for collaborative design in the future, as is sketched in the following outline.

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