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Teching structural engineering to architects, Structural mechanics vs. structural design mix within the curricula

Ing. Markéta Vavrušková, doc. Dr. Ing. Martin Pospíšil, Ph.D.

Introduction A long-term research analysing role of Structural Engineering (SE) in architectural curricula is currently taking place at the Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University in Prague. We are comparing its study programmes to ones of selected leading English (12) and German (15) speaking European universities together with looking into innovative methods of teaching. Previous findings SE appears to be an important part of architectural curricula, its share ranges as follows: Bachelor 10-15% (English) 15-25% (German) and 35% for top rated universities. Majority of master architectural courses have up to 5% of SE in their curricula. For combined courses of Architectural Engineering, the share of SE can be further boosted up to 45%. Student-centered instructional and constructivist approach seems to be more benefitial for architectural students compared to traditional teacher-centered instructional and behaviourist approach. Objectives The main objective of this paper is to examine approach of particular universities from our sample as far as Structural Mechanics vs. Structural Design mix within their architectural curricula is concerned. Methods Applied research: comparison, observation and analysis. Results Structural Mechanics (SM) courses represent theoretical introduction into basic laws and principles of mechanics, on which further builds up Structural Design (SD). The ratio of SM vs. SD subjects in the curricula ranges considerably within selected universities (see detailed analysis). Conclusions Our research has not found "universal" approach towards the problematics. Some universities from our selection put an emphasis on students' understanding of mechanics' principles, some prefer "learning by doing" approach (see the full text for more detail). All students practice gained skills within their individual projects in later stages of their studies.

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