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Sustainable tourism as a mean for regional development in the Czech-polish borderland

Ing. arch. Marta Kaliszan

The last decade has brought to the world a very dynamic development of tourism and related ancillary services. Particular importance of tourism derives not only from the fact that it is one of the main areas of the world economy but also it is an indicator of modernity and quality of life. Development strategies, economic studies, which have been carried out so far in majority of territories in Czech-Polish borderlands and within cross-border areas clearly indicate tourism as the main direction of possible economic prosperity of these regions. Unfortunately the development of mass commercial tourism, its entering into all forms of landscape, as well as its impact on various types of ecosystems causes losses and damages not only on environment's natural systems by generating various sources of negative anthropogenic impacts on the environment, but also causes modification of socio-cultural environment and can rapidly lead to overexploitation of the landscape's values in the affected territory.

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