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Inner periphery of the city - Integration of recently built-up areas into the pattern of the city

Ing. arch. Jaromír Hainc, Ph.D.

Currently, there is a big discussion going on about the process of suburbanisation. The aim of the work is the study of the relationship between things being built and already built in the city. The work will search for the proportional relations among the objects. All these measurable values are formed by different qualities, which will be compared and classified based on the comparative methods. The necessity of organic incorporation of each element as well as the whole unit in to the structure of the city will be pointed out. The range of researched areas will be limited by the age - built in last 20 years and by the size. Prague will be used as a case study. The following qualities will be studied: relation to the whole, to the part, to itself; qualities of the parts; qualities of the whole. For the purpose of the research the theory of situationists and Space Syntax Analyses will be used to classify them in terms of accessibility, visibility and connectivity.

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