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Meaning of space in the gentrified part of Prague

Ing. arch. Jana Zdráhalová, Ph.D.

Globalisation significantly affects the shape of our cities. It is possible to observe tendencies towards suburbanisation, decay of city centres and decline of local small- scale manufacturing. Unused ndustrial sites are frequently refurbished or rebuilt into modern residential housing or commercial centres. From the architectural and urban viewpoint, the new areas differ from the original development. New buildings are often designed as clusters of slabs surrounded by open public space. The original houses are usually closed blocs with private courtyard in the middle. The declared meaning of the new construction is openness and accessibility. The aim of this paper is to investigate whether this declared meaning corresponds to the perceived reality. Our approach is based on the theoretical work of B. Hillier and H. Lefebvre. The indicator used for assigning meaning to the space is Hillier’s integration. The method is demonstrated on Holesovice suburb of Prague.

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