S ohledem na nové vládní opatření bude veškerá KONTAKTNÍ výuka na FA ČVUT, včetně ateliérů, dílen atp., od 12. do 25. 10. 2020 přerušena.


The CTU, Faculty of Architecture emphasizes the meaning of Sustainable development only in the last few years, but the interest of students and teachers in this issue grows exponentially. The goal of FA is to systematically intensify its' students' motivation to implement ecologic principals of architecture into the architectural design in compliance with the improvement of quality of life and therefore increasing the quality of education on the CTU, Faculty of Architecture. Sustainability will be seen as an integral part of design projects on many different levels. The teachers will develop appropriate teaching methods combining technical knowledge with aesthetical experience. For different phases of the study new types of building briefs need to be developed. The final goal is to change the students' sensitivity to the environmental issues.

Za obsah této stránky zodpovídá: prof. Dr. Henri Hubertus Achten