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Competences for Digital Leadership in Architecture

prof. Dr. Henri Hubertus Achten

The use of ``digital technology'' - computer software, new material application, rapid prototyping, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Virtual Reality, collaborative design - is no longer a novel and innovative aspect of architectural design. In fact, many offices and architects use a varied mix of these technologies in their daily practice. We can observe that digital technology has become a mature part of architectural practice. In this paper, we want to outline an outstanding level of excellence in the use of digital technologies that enable certain widely acknowledged offices (for example Foster and Partners, UN Studio, BIG, and so on) to take their design work to high degree of quality and performance. We call this level and phenomenon ``digital leadership.'' Digital leadership goes beyond technical digital skills. It is an integrated and holistic approach that makes no distinction between ``architectural design'' and ``digital technology'' and in fact creates a new blend of both. We propose that digital leadership has six key areas: Technological Ecologies; Creativity, Knowledge Processes, and Experimentation; Design and Research; Human Resources and Leadership; Collaborative and Explorative Environments and Impact of Digital Leadership. These are discussed in more detail in this paper.

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