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Flexible, Interactive Structures for Future Visions: A Case Study

prof. Dr. Henri Hubertus Achten

In this paper we report on a PhD research which has recently started. The field of the PhD research project is Interactive Architecture. As such this research paper will focus on defining what is the phenomena of Interactive architecture and how could it be used in developing an object (building structure) within an urban organism, which could be both flexible and interactive with its users. The word “organism” is deliberately used to accentuate author’s belief that interactive means responsive, flexible, changing and always moving. The aim of this research topic would be to find and develop an idea of a design by which architecture could become more interactive in the future. Such, it would achieve much better building functioning, being user friendly and communicative on both ends: user – building - environment. The whole logic of design has to be changed due to the rapid change of the technology and human demands.

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