doc. Ing. Daniela Bošová, Ph.D., Ing. Lenka Prokopová, Ph.D.

Paper is focus on translucence of daylight through micro-glass-bubbles. We applied Glass Micro-Bubbles like external thermal insulation and internal thermal insulation on skylight in cargo container and researched their influence on quantity of Daylight in interior. For this research were chosen three identical cargo containers with linear skylight. Glass Micro-Bubbles were completely applied into the whole external surface one of the containers and into the whole internal surface one of the containers - including a roof skylight. Therefore, it was possible to measure translucence of daylight through the 2 mm layer of Glass Micro Bubbles on these three samples (containers). Our main question is: It is possible to use this innovative material - Glass Micro-Bubbles like internal or external thermal insulation in order to improve thermal and technical parameters and fundamentally do not worsen daylighting parameters of indoor environment?

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