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Five experiments to elicit CAAD work strategies of students

Ing. arch. Dana Matějovská, Ph.D., prof. Dr. Henri Hubertus Achten

In order to understand the learning needs of our students, we have defined a series of five small experiments. In each experiment, a subject has to perform a limited task using a CAD system. The experiments are undertaken by subjects from three different groups: pre-university school goers, first year students of architecture, and advanced students of architecture. By comparing the differences between the groups we can identify the following aspects: (1) start level of students, (2) starting work strategies, (3) development of work strategies, and (4) deficiences in work strategies. On this basis, we can develop more specific teaching material that will be better suited to the needs of the students. In this paper we report on the experimental setup, research methodology, and preliminary results.

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