Parametric bus stop shelters in rural areas: Automating custom design

Ing. arch. Jiří Pavlíček, Ph.D., Ing. arch. Jaroslav Hulín

This paper describes the first stage of an applied research project that explores parametric design strategies in a context of rural bus stop shelters. The aim of the research is to propose a possible method for improving current state of public infrastructure in rural locations of the Czech Republic. The research project examines, in a practical way, how advanced design techniques and new technologies could help architects and designers participate in some areas of the building industry that have been out of reach of professional designers. Rural bus stop shelters in Czech Republic serve as an example of one particular 'unreachable' area. During the first stage of the research (described in this paper), we developed a parametric system of design and production of a bus stop shelter and we commissioned a fully functional prototype to be built. In the outlook of the research, participation of users in the design process is outlined.

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