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Structural Engineering in Architectural Studies

Ing. Markéta Vavrušková, doc. Dr. Ing. Martin Pospíšil, Ph.D.

Abstract- Objectives- The main objective of the study is to analyze the importance of Structural Engineering at selected Czech and Slovak technical universities (by comparing the share of Structural Engineering subjects in curricula) and to monitor innovative teaching methods (including an assessment of a newly introduced pilot course of Visual Statics at the CTU in Prague). Results- Share of Structural Engineering in bachelor studies ranges between 5-8% at faculties of architecture and is around 15% at civil engineering faculties (except BUT with 6.25%). Structural Engineering in master courses ranges between 0-5% of curricula. Conclusions- Share of Structural Engineering subjects in bachelor curricula at selected Czech and Slovak technical universities (5-8%) seems to be underrepresented in comparison to selected European universities, where the share typically ranges between 10-15% at most English speaking universities and between 15-25 % at most German speaking universities. Share of Structural Engineering in master curricula at Czech and Slovak universities (up to 5%) is comparable to this of European universities. Some foreign universities however offer further specialization in Structural Engineering, which boosts its share in curricula to 10-45%. For students of architecture, who are accustomed to learn in visual, creative way, traditional teacher-centered instructional and behavioural approach in educating process seems to be less beneficial then student-centered instructional and constructivist approach which supports the development of an intuitive design of a structure.

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