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Ateliér Rehwaldt


Prague wetlands

Adapting to climate change is a major challenge for cities around the world. Urban wetlands are an element of the “sponge city” strategy to retain the rainwater and make it usable. The project deals with the implementation of urban wetlands in the city of Prague. For this purpose, suitable areas will be sought, functional principles developed and specific spaces will be designed.

ATV, ATVZ, AT1, AT4, AT-V, DS, DP, Erasmus


Praha, Na Špitálce

Na Špitálce is a rare, never developed area with a beautiful view, in the center of the show-case of Czech modernism, above the Šárka valley, between Baba and Hanspaulka. The area is currently under pressure of being developed - may be, that its conversion into a public park could stop this ideas.  We are looking for a fresh, innovative project full of ideas, that would pull this space out of the shadow of its surroundings.

ATV, ATVZ, AT2, AT5, AT-V, DS, DP, Erasmus


Praha, Vinoř - Inner urban spaces and the open landscape

a / New Square

Today, Vinoř is a city district without a clear center, without a square. Vinoř is, according to the housing development, a suburban village with the original village houses of the historic core, extensive development of family houses and suburban villas and a quality natural landscape formed by the Vinořská obora and the Ctěnický grove. Vinoř is located on the northeastern edge of Prague in rugged terrain near the Vinořský creek. It has the character of a quiet rural settlement in an agricultural landscape with quality natural background of Vinořská obora and Ctěnický grove. Lack of a clear center is perceived by residents as a handicap. The management of the city district nominated the still undeveloped space near the shopping center and the church educational center, sports center and school to create the square. The design will include a spatial and functional solution and setting of volume parameters for the proposed buildings. (If they are part of the design). The city is willing to evaluate the best student designs, ideally in the form of a competition between different studios. The assignment includes a 1:250 scale model.


b / New columbarium and anteroom of the existing cemetery

The design of the columbarium assumes the use of empty space at the entrance to the cemetery. The design will also include a reflection on the front space, which is neither functionally nor aesthetically pleasing.


c / In front of the church

Revitalization of a small park in front of the church entrance.


d / Permeable landscape

The assignment will include an analysis of the road network and a proposal for the landscape permeability, including an evaluation of the historical context. An important pilgrimage route Via Sancta runs through the territory of Vinoř, which is accompanied by elements of small-size architecture. How to build on its former meaning in the current context?

ATV, ATVZ, AT1, AT2, AT3, AT5, AT-V, DS, DP, Erasmus



Bernartice is a small town in South Bohemia, that recently comissioned their square renovation.  Though, the space surrounding the second world war memorial, hidden at the end of a long linden alley, forms an important part of the local public space and can´t be ignored.  A smaller scale project that encourages the search for a site specific solution that would adecuately reflect the piety of the place, as well as the potencial of being adjacent to an open cultural landscape.

ATV, ATVZ, AT3, AT5, AT-V, Erasmus

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